Common Issues & Questions

How do I include issues from multiple projects#

In the overview screen, you can click on the cogwheel in the top right hand corner. You can select the available projects for all journey maps there.

OR (if you want to configure this individually for each journey map):

Configure a backlog in the top right hand corner of the journey map. When you select a board, make sure the board filter includes all projects. You can also use a filter instead of a board if needed (which is the way to go if you want to select from any workflow status and not just backlog)

Remember to map all relevant status to the backlog column of your board.

I can't find Journey Mapping App in the project sidebar#

You need "Edit Issues" permission in the project in order to use the journey mapping features. Please check with your project administrator.

Cloud: Where do you store data?#

All journey maps are saved in Jira project properties. That means none of your data is stored outside of your instance.

The app functionality is delivered from our EU data center (Helsinki, Finland).

On Premises: Does your app communicate outside of the instance?#

No, the app is free of any tracking or analytics software. We also do not do in-product marketing for our paid apps.